Pure Waterjet Cutting

Pure waterjet is the original water cutting method. The first commercial applications were in the early to mid 1970s, and involved the cutting of corrugated cardboard.

Pure Waterjet Cutting

The largest uses for pure waterjet cutting are disposable diapers, tissue paper, and automotive interiors. In the cases of tissue paper and disposable diapers, the waterjet process creates less moisture on the material than touching or breathing on it.

Pure Waterjet Attributes

A typical jet former for pure water jet cutting

Very thin stream (0.004 to 0.010 inch in diameter is the common range)
Extremely detailed geometry
Very little material loss due to cutting
Non-heat cutting
Cut very thick
Cut very thin
Usually cuts very quickly
Able to cut soft, light materials (e.g., fiberglass insulation up to 24″ thick)
Extremely low cutting forces
Simple fixturing
24 hour per day operation