Food Water Jet Cutting

Food Water Jet Cutting

For decades, water jets have been used as a manufacturing process to cut variety types of food cutting, including pizza, cakes, romaine lettuce, celery, meats, frozen fish, bacon, sandwiches, pettit fours, candy bars, granola bars and all types of frozen food. Pure water cutting up to 90,000 PSI/6,200 bar offers the greatest added value by cutting produce, meats, bakery, and confection products in a sanitary environment without the cross contamination found in blade cutting systems.

According to Food Production Daily Magazine, “waterjet technology is one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes in the world due to its versatility and ease of operation.” The use of pure water in waterjet cutting systems capable of cutting at incredible speeds up to Mach 3, has received USDA approval for creating a bacteria free hygienic cutting process method.

The biggest advantage of waterjet cutting is the time savings using pure water as a food cutting solution. Since no knife blades are ever used, there is no downtime changing out or sharpening dull blades. Bakeries have literally doubled their yield cutting cakes with waterjet compared to using knives.

A diamond orifice is used to maximize the waterjet cutting life, typically the size of the stream is a width of a human hair at speeds up to 3,000 feet (914 m) per second. This small kerf width is so thin that food will not be compressed or washed out.

For perfect portion control and improved shelf life for food products, VICHOR Waterjet is the solution.

Advantages of Food Water Jet Cutting

• U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved process.
• Eliminates the potential of salmonella bacteria by using only pure water to cut with.
• No need to clean or sharpen the cutting tool.
• Ideal sanitary and efficient process for cutting food.
• No heat or chemicals are used. Only pure water.
• Waterjet allows for higher yield of produce.
• Airborne contaminants and fumes are eliminated. Minimal waste creates a better quality product.
• Cutting nozzles can be stationary allowing food products fed through conveyor.
• Safe for the Environment; no airborne dust and cleaner for food products.
• Omni-directional cutting + Minimal tolerances = Perfect Portion Control.
• Waterjet is not compression cutting method, which means longer and improved shelf life.

Food Water Jet Cutting

VICHOR Waterjet is your best choice for food water jet cutting!