Project Description

Hy-100 Fabrication

This previous project completed by using both high pressure abrasive waterjet and vertical milling center  involved processing HY-100 steel, commonly used in the defense industry.

This project was perfect for our large capacity waterjet as the material required were large plates that lend themselves to multi-head waterjet cutting. The material seen here was 4.00″ thick and used garnet abrasive to cut through the heavy plate without hardening, adding stresses or otherwise altering the material properties.

As you can see from the images, we were able to mirror the image given on the prints to nest the parts tightly to minimize waste and provide maximum usage of the material. Because this type of material is expensive, it was important to make the most of each sheet.

After waterjet cutting, the parts were completed on verticle milling centers to final print dimensions.


  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • General Industrial Manufacturing


  • Hy-100
  • Hy-80
  • Domex110
  • Mill-A46100
  • HH
  • H480
  • H4100
  • AR236
  • AR400
  • AR500