What Makes VICHOR Waterjet Unique

Not all Waterjets are Created Equal
A waterjet is made up of several critical key components, such as the high pressure pump, the nozzle, and control software. VICHOR designs, manufactures, and supports their waterjet systems all from our production facilities in Shenyang, China. Since everything is designed and built under one roof, service and support is streamlined and issues are quickly resolved.

Valuable Features at No Additional Cost
VICHOR is the only manufacturer to guarantee free VICHOR operating software upgrades for life to owners of our premium VICHOR line of waterjets. This guarantee saves our owners thousands of dollars over the life of their investment, but more importantly ensures that they will receive all benefits derived from software enhancements. Upgrades are implemented to improve accuracy, provide faster cutting speeds, enhance system monitoring, and provide additional waterjet cutting capabilities.

Service & Support Commitment
VICHOR is dedicated to be knowledgeable about your applications, expectations, and concerns. We pay attention to the smallest detail to insure your satisfaction, which is why 30% of our sales year after year are returning customers.

Free factory training is included with your system to help you maximize the return on your investment. VICHOR has the best ratio in the industry of service technicians to machines installed. This enables us to provide the quickest response time in the industry. A standard troubleshooting and application guide is included with every machine available free to our customer, which can facilitate even faster service response.

The VICHOR Interactive Reference Guide ( OIR ) comprised of over 3000 pages, covers every aspect of operating and maintaining your investment. It is unequalled for providing application solutions. The OIR is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, and is instantaneous to answer your questions.