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How Waterjets Work?

How Waterjets Work?

How Waterjets Work

The basic technology is both simple and extremely complex.

At its most basic, water flows from a pump, through plumbing, and out of a cutting head. It is simple to explain, operate and maintain. The process, however, integrates extremely complex materials technology and design.

To generate and control water at pressures of 87,000 psi requires science and technology not taught in universities. At these pressures, a slight leak can cause permanent erosion damage to components if not properly designed.

Thankfully, VICHOR Waterjet takes care of the complex materials technology and cutting-edge engineering. The user only needs to be knowledgeable in the basic waterjet operation.

Essentially, there are two types of waterjets:

VICHOR Waterjets are designed to operate as both pure and abrasive waterjets. A pure waterjet is used to to cut soft materials, and within just 2 minutes the very same waterjet can be transformed into an abrasive waterjet to cut hard materials. With any type, the water must first be pressurized.

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