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5-Axis Waterjet Cutting

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Heads

5-Axis Cutting Heads

With recent advances in control and motion technology, VICHOR 5-axis waterjet cutting machine has become a reality. Where the normal axis on a water jet are named X (back/forth), Y (left/right) and Z (up/down), VICHOR 5-axis waterjet system will add an additional A-axis (angle from perpendicular) and C-axis (rotation around the Z-axis).

By using VICHOR 5-axis waterjet, cones can be cut from flat sheets, holes can be drilled into tubes and ribbed/beveled edges can be produced. While such flexible systems come at a price, they can be used in the most advanced cutting applications and normally pay for themselves as they are extremely versatile.

VICHOR 5-axis waterjet cutting opens up a wide range of applications that can be done on waterjet. As it is still a relatively new technology, from a business standpoint, the profit margins from this type of work can be very attractive.

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