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Waterjet Cutting Machine

Waterjet cutting machine, also known as waterjet or water jet cutter, is an industrial tool applying waterjet technology to cut a variety of metals, non-metal materials and intricate composite materials with a jet of water. Jet cutting is one of the applications of high-pressure waterjet technologies.

The features are listed as follows:
– Narrow kerfs
– Smooth cuts
– High accuracy
– No slag
– No chemical change
– No thermal deformation

The application of waterjet enhances productivity and material utilization. Waterjet is efficient, energy saving and environmental-friendly. It is expected to replace the traditional processing technologies in the near future and bring about remarkable social and economic benefits.

Waterjet are used at home and abroad in a broad range of industries, including food, textile, electronics, paper making, building decorative, automotive, aviation, aerospace, etc. With waterjet’s enormous potential, its application is extending to more other fields. The reducing equipment cost will make it more affordable and available.

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